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Bullbomb pendulum nozzle

Bullbomb pendulum nozzle

The Bullbomb is a powerful bottom cleaner for egg-shaped and large-volume sewer profiles that are normally dirty at the bottom.

Due to its special design (pendulum weight) and a connection thread that is not positioned centrally, the nozzle always aligns itself optimally with the bottom of the sewer. Due to its shape, large offsets are no problem when retracting.


  • Cleaning of the invert in egg-shaped and predominantly round profiles
  • Excellent cleaning performance (mud, stones, sand and rubble)
  • Nozzle aligns itself automatically
  • Connection thread not centred
  • Maximum cleaning power in the lower part of the channel
  • The high weight prevents the nozzle from floating in heavily water-bearing sewers.
  • Enormous flushing power, great water acceleration and good flushing effect with less water consumption, as the available water quantity is concentrated on the bottom area
  • Can be used on vehicles with water recovery
  • suitable for vans with a water reclaiming system 


Nozzle inserts:

  • The nozzles are fitted with ceramic nozzle inserts in the VA carrier as standard. Other nozzle inserts are available on request.
  • In order to optimally match the nozzle to the flushing unit, we require the pump capacity (litres per minute), the working pressure (bar) as well as the length, diameter and material of the high-pressure hose.

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Anschluss: 1" female thread
Einsatz ab: 300 - 800 mm
Wasserleistung: 250 lpm
Schubdüsen: 9x M10
Maße: 348 × 140 × 140 mm
Gewicht: 17.0

Anschluss: 1 1/4" female thread
Einsatz ab: 500 - 1300 mm
Wasserleistung: 300 lpm
Schubdüsen: 9x M10
Maße: 400 × 159 × 159 mm
Gewicht: 24.0

Anschluss: 1 1/4" female thread
Einsatz ab: 600 - 1500 mm
Wasserleistung: 400 lpm
Schubdüsen: 9x M10
Maße: 492 × 194 × 194 mm
Gewicht: 33.0

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