CleverScan – car platform

CleverScan – car platform

The car platform is used to transport the CleverScan manhole inspection from manhole to manhole. It can be mounted directly on any trailer coupling.

It can be quickly and easily converted into a transport trolley using the supplied off-road tyres and drawbar.


  • robust and durable stainless steel construction
  • with ball head receptacle for all car trailer couplings
  • Load capacity approx. 75 kg
  • Can also be used as a transport trolley with the supplied drawbar and large off-road wheels for rough terrain


Complete set consisting of:    

  • Transport platform for CleverScan
  • Ball head mount for trailer couplings
  • number plate holder
  • telescopic laptop holder
  • off-road wheels with axles
  • drawbar

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Ausführung: accessories, complete set
Maße: 920 × 800 × 300 mm
Gewicht: 28.0