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Automatic Cable Reel ACR350

Automatic Cable Reel ACR350

The fully automatic cable drum ACR350 for vehicle installations holds 350 meters of high-strength, kevlar-reinforced camera cable.

The integrated traction force control synchronizes the interaction of crawler and cable drum. Depending on the crawler speed, the cable is unwound and unwound accordingly quickly or slowly.


  • max. 350 m high-stability camera cable
  • meter counter
  • radio remote control
  • cross guiding spindle


Technical data

  • Product Code: ACR350
  • Cable Length: 350 metres
  • Cable Diameter: 6.8mm
  • Power Supply 90 -254 VAC
  • Power Consumption 600W
  • Environmental Protection IP45


Complete set consists of:

  • ACR350 cable drum
  • 350 m camera cable
  • Bluetooth Joystick Remote Control RJP

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Ausführung: complete set
Länge: 350 m
Anwendung: crawler system
Maße: 660 × 390 × 562 mm
Gewicht: 45.0

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