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Portable Multi-Gas Detector – G460

Portable Multi-Gas Detector – G460

The GFG gas detector Microtector II G460 enables the measurement of CO2 – carbon dioxide compared to the G450 and serves the personal protection of the channel worker. The robust and durable GfG high performance sensors can measure smallest gas concentrations and thus monitor lowest workplace limit values (AGW).

It warns reliably against gas dangers by O2, CH4, H2S, CO, CO2.


  • Innovative IR technology – enables measurement of carbon dioxide
  • large graphic display with colour change during alarm
  • acoustic alarm: loud horn, 103 dB
  • visual alarm: 360° visible alarm lights
  • up to 24 hours operating time
  • shock- and impact-protected, rubberized housing
  • protection class IP67
  • ATEX certificate: II 2G EEx ia d IIC T4 and I M2 Ex ia d l Mb


Measurable gases

  • Oxygen – O2
  • Methane – CH4
  • Hydrogen sulphide – H2S
  • Carbon monoxide – CO
  • Carbon dioxide – CO2


Scope of delivery

  • Gas meter G450
  • Charging cradle DIC1B with EU charging cable 230V AC (charging and data transfer to PC)
  • Software and USB interface cable for data logger function

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Messbare Gase: carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, methane, oxygen
Maße: 75 × 110 × 55 mm
Gewicht: 0.35

Messbare Gase: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, methane, oxygen
Maße: 75 × 110 × 55 mm
Gewicht: 0.35

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