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Multi-purpose air controller

Multi-purpose air controller

The Multi-purpose air controller 19Z is used to fill, control, and monitor the test pipe stops and the item to be tested (e. g. to control the pressure in the pipe segment sealed) in case of a leak test or overpressure test. The unit features a compressor port (max. 8 bar), a port for test and/or sealing bladders, and a port to fill and monitor the test item.




Special features:

  • rugged control case in 19″ size (3 HU)
  • to control the internal pressure of shut-off and test bladders up to max. 6 bar
  • to fill and monitor the overpressure in the tested item up to max. 0.7 bar
  • 3 manometers to display the pressures

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Maße: 155 × 350 × 510 mm
Gewicht: 7.40

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