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LAT150 – Lateral Crawler

LAT150 – Lateral Crawler

The LAT150 crawler of the lateral inspection system enables both TV inspections of main sewers and house connection pipes to be performed from the main sewer in a single operation. The crawler transports the camera probe in the pipe to the connection pipe. The push camera is moved to the connection by means of the extension tube and pushed in by means of the push cable. The lateral pin of the CAM50 pan and tilt camera also allows inspection of all other branches in a sewer system.

The drive mechanism powerfully drives the push cable up to 45 meters. The drive belt is designed to scrape off dirt during operation and prevent clogging of the running surface. Long maintenance intervals are thus avoided. In the event of a problem, the feed unit can be replaced quickly and in a user-friendly manner, with just one tool, on the construction site. This prevents long downtimes.


  • Use in main sewers from 150 – 2000 mm
  • for inspections of connecting pipes from DN 60
  • wear-free drive of the push cable by means of 2 drive belts in the feed unit (no wear of the cable sheath)
  • robust brass / aluminum / stainless steel housing, 1 bar pressure-tight
  • permanent monitoring of speed, internal pressure, inclination and temperature
  • powerful steerable 8 wheel drive
  • quick change wheel mounting
  • tool-free change of guide tubes for quick and easy conversion to the respective diameter of the main line
  • additional meter counter on the carriage for exact determination of the pushed meters
  • movable center part for easy insertion in small manhole openings, starting from 300 mm e.g. Uponor manholes
  • observation camera with ultra bright LED additional lighting for exact positioning of the guide pipe at the branch / connection pipe
  • integrated rear view camera with LED additional light
  • flexible cable connection prevents kinking of the camera cable when lowering or retrieving the trolley in the sewer manhole
  • switchable multifrequency probe (512 Hz / 640 Hz / 33kHz)


Scope of delivery:

  • 8x base wheels (QRW90)
  • release bracket
  • transport case
  • tool kit

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Arbeitsbereich: 150 - 2000 mm
Ortung: 33 kHz, 512 Hz, 640 Hz
Maße: 610 × 140 × 160 mm
Gewicht: 16.5

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