Steerable nozzle

Steerable nozzle

This way, you clean your branches professionally and with ease!

Our steerable nozzle is a professional tool for the efficient cleaning of branches, secondary sewers and building drainages from main sewers. Easy operation and low cost make this nozzle an advantage. 

A 70 bar working pressure make the steerable nozzle raise to the height of the tie-in to be cleaned. The traction is produced by the jet circuit of the driving nozzle. If applied correctly, the nozzle centres in the main sewer, similar to a tube nozzle. If the pressure exceeds 90 bar, a valve switches on the pilot nozzle. This bends the steerable nozzle such that the flushing hose rotates and the steerable nozzle may enter the tie-in.


Fields of application:

  • HP cleaning in secondary sewers, branches and building tie-ins with tube diameters DN 100 and above, suitable for main sewer access in sewers between DN 150  and DN 400
  • for simultaneous cleaning of slightly contaminated main sewers
  • camera support is required for this purpose

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Anschluss: 1/2" female thread
Einsatz ab: 100 - 300 mm
Wasserleistung: from 70 lpm
Schubdüsen: 6x M4
Schub-Strahlwinkel: 25°
Lenkdüsen: 2x M4
Maße: 245 × 36 × 36 mm
Gewicht: 0.40

Anschluss: 1/4" female thread
Einsatz ab: 150 - 250 mm
Maße: 180 × 18 × 18 mm
Gewicht: 0.10

Anschluss: 1/4" female thread
Einsatz ab: 200 - 400 mm
Maße: 210 × 18 × 18 mm
Gewicht: 0.15

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