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SoloPro+ push camera special offer package

SoloPro+ push camera special offer package

A system for all pipes in and around the house from 32 – 450 mm. In the period from April to the end of June 2021, you will receive our SoloPro+ push camera 60 m with the 30 m sanitary camera at a special price.

Equipped with the CAM30 axial and the CAM050 swivel head camera, all pipes from DN 32 – DN 450 can be inspected. With the rotary/swivel head inspection camera and its bending device, they are able to inspect complete piping systems with branches. Thanks to the integrated Li-Ion battery, they are independent of external power supplies for up to 6 hours.

The special offer is valid until June 30, 2021.


Control panel CCU210

The intuitive control unit of the SoloPro Plus shows real-time recordings on the 8″ daylight-capable TFT-LCD display, records up to 90 hours of video material on the internal memory and has industry standard reporting software with the ProPipe. This enables users to create professional and detailed on-site reports for their customers. The quick and easy to use ProPipe Report software automatically generates a diagnostic report of the inspection performed.

  • with 8″-TFT monitor (800×600) and 1 operating joystick
  • for the functions of the pan/rotary camera
  • Li/ion battery (up to 6 h) and mains operation (110-230VAC)
  • Data and meter display with waterproof keyboard and intuitive hotkeys, IP54 device
  • menu-controlled MPEG4 video and JPEG photo recording on integrated 32 GB memory (up to 128 GB)
  • 3x digital zoom, light control, switchover for locating transmitters (512/640Hz and 33kHz)
  • Interfaces:  USB2.0 and SD/SDHC reader for data transfer and WLAN (data exchange)
  • Simple, intuitive ProPipe reporting software for creating detailed on-site reports
  • integrated WinCan module for inspection with catalogues according to DWA M149 and ISYBAU2006, 2001 and 1996
  • No office software required for report generation or data output (video, photo, PDF)
  • After inspection, the posture protocol is generated on the control unit, output via USB stick or SD card.


60 m Coiler

  • Reel with sturdy steel frame and robust kink-resistant special push cable (11mm)
  • integrated electronic meter counter
  • Comfortable friction brake
  • Bracket for SOLO-PRO Plus control unit
  • Multi-location transmitter for 512/640Hz and 33kHz integrated in camera plug
  • tool-free camera connection system


Pan & tilt camera CAM050

  • Use from diameter 60 mm
  • 90° bendable from DN90
  • for connection to Solo Pro+ and Proteus push camera systems
  • with parallel laser for defect / crack width and object measurement
  • lateral laser for diameter determination
  • Water level measurement module
  • rugged construction of stainless steel and aluminium
  • automatic position correction (upright image)
  • 360° endless rotation, rotation range (+/-135°)
  • manual focus, auto-shutter
  • powerful ultra-bright and swiveling LED light
  • Measuring range tube diameter: 60 – 600 mm (lateral laser)
  • Aligned laser distance: 25 mm
  • Camera resolution: 740 TVL
  • Sensitivity: < 1.0 Lux
  • Aperture/field of view: F2.5 / 75°
  • Maximum illuminance: 12.5k lux at 150 mm
  • pressure tight: 1 bar (14.50 psi)


Pan & tilt camera Cam026L

The SoloPro+ MiniReel is the perfect complement to the SoloPro+ system. The small reel with 30 m push cable was specially developed for use in small diameters from 32 mm e.g. for sanitary bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and floor inlets.

  • robust powder-coated reel frame with quick-release fastener for the push cable
  • integrated electronic meter counter
  • Bracket for SOLO-PRO Plus control unit
  • optional location transmitter with 512 Hz
  • for inspections of nominal pipe sizes DN32 to DN150
  • VA housing with spring connection
  • LED lighting and scratch-resistant front glass
  • Resolution: 976 x 496 (F4 HTVL)
  • Aperture: F2.0
  • Field of view: 70°
  • Sensitivity <1.0 Lux
  • Camera is not leveling (no upright image)


Special offer package includes

  • SoloPro+ control unit CCU210
  • 60 m sliding reel – CCP60
  • Swivel camera probe – CAM050
  • Santar reel 30 m including camera – CAM30MR
  • Accessories

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Ausführung: Special offer
Arbeitsbereich: 32 - 450 mm
Kamera: CAM030 axial camera, CAM050 Pan & Rotate
Länge: 30 m, 60 m
Maße: 690 × 370 × 890 mm
Gewicht: 30.0

Support Docs

Manual - SoloPro+ push camera system Download

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