SeeSnake rM200 Max

SeeSnake rM200 Max

The SeeSnake rM200 Max inspection system combines portability and versatility to make your pipe inspection as easy and efficient as possible. The rM200 features a new pushrod design with improved wear protection and more efficient pushability.


  • Next generation pushrods and an improved drum mechanism allow for easier inspection and even more effortless pushing.
  • Ultra compact camera head allows easier passage through tight bends with excellent illumination of up to 8″ (200mm) tubes.
  • Improved transportability when carrying the drum and when using the optional Transporter Kit.
  • RIDGID compatibility allows all SeeSnake monitors to be connected to the rM200 Max inspection camera


  • The D2 drum series currently consists of the D2A and D2B drums.
  • The rM200 comes with your choice of drum.
  • Either drum can be purchased separately.
  • Own them both to quickly and easily interchange drums for on-the-job flexibility.
  • Drums feature different push cable lengths, diameters, stiffness and springs.
  • Chose the drum that enables you to easily negotiate turns and tees – there’s a drum that’s right for you!
  • Foldable carrying handle
  • large wheels for rough terrain


technical data

  • Camera Head: 0.98″ (25 mm)
  • Cable Length: 200′ (60 m)
  • Cable Diameter: 0.3″ (7.6 mm)
  • Line Capacity: 1.5″ to 8″ (40 mm to 200 mm)
  • Resolution: NTSC 656 x 492 pixels; PAL 768 x 576 pixels
  • onde: 512 Hz
  • Meter counter: yes


Scope of delivery – Complete set with CS6x Versa

  • rM200 Max push rod reel
  • CS6x Versa monitor with recording function and Wifi
  • 18V Battery
  • charger

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Ausführung: complete set
Arbeitsbereich: 40 - 200 mm
Länge: 60 m, 61 m
Ortung: 512 Hz
Maße: 530 × 350 × 610 mm
Gewicht: 18.00

Arbeitsbereich: 40 - 200 mm
Länge: 60 m, 61 m
Ortung: 512 Hz
Maße: 530 × 350 × 610 mm
Gewicht: 15.40

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