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Oxy 3000 – Self-Rescuer

Oxy 3000 – Self-Rescuer

The Oxy 3000 self contained Self-Rescuer makes you independent of the ambient air for 30 minutes in an emergency and protects your eyes from toxic gases with protective goggles. The Oxy 3000 is easy to put on and immediately activated, making it suitable for less trained people.

Thanks to its robust construction, the Oxy 3000 can be used maintenance-free for up to 10 years. The Safety-Eye enables an uncomplicated visual check of the functional efficiency.

For single use in an emergency!


  • Operating time: 30 minutes (single use)
  • Temperature classes: applicable in T1 to T4
  • Service life: up to 10 years free of maintenance and service for stored equipment
  • An occupational health protocol according to G26 is not required (according to BGR190)
  • Approvals: according to PSA Directive 89/686/EEC DIN EN 13794 / Australian Coal Mine Approval
  • optional training device for training and exercise purposes – to practice opening and putting on the harness

Complete set included:

  • Oxy 3000 oxygen self-rescuer
  • shoulder strap

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Ausführung: complete set
Einsatzzeit: up to 30 minutes
Maße: 220 × 190 × 110 mm
Gewicht: 2.70

Ausführung: training set
Maße: 220 × 190 × 110 mm
Gewicht: 2.70

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