Manhole measuring device

Manhole measuring device

The manhole measuring instrument Mess-Fix can be used for fast and easy measurement of tank and shaft depths or of nominal widths and heights of pipe supports or inlets into shafts.

The measuring device is placed on top of the manhole and the measuring arm is lowered to the respective depth (up to max. 6 m) on the guide cord. The values can be read off the scale. 


  • for determining shaft depths and pipe diameters
  • robust and simple construction
  • Can be used up to 6 m depth


Complete set consists of

  • Aluminium telescopic pole extendable up to 6 m
  • Tape measure with stainless steel holder
  • Reel with guide cord
  • Stainless steel locking and measuring arm

Ordering Information

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Ausführung: complete set
Maße: 1800 × 500 × 80 mm
Gewicht: 3.40

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