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manhole hook with lifting claw

manhole hook with lifting claw

The stainless steel manhole cover lifter with lifting claw is not only used to open manhole covers. With the lifting claw, it also enables the safe lifting out of dirt traps and slot buckets without slipping. The manhole hook is particularly stable and robust, even under high loads it is extremely resistant to bending due to the stainless steel used and thus withstands high loads.

This guarantees you to be able to lift even stuck manhole covers, gully covers and street drains. In addition, the manhole hook is rustproof and very corrosion resistant.


  • for lifting heavy gully, manhole and manhole covers
  • with lifting claw for lifting gully buckets and dirt traps
  • robust manhole hook made of Ø 14 mm stainless steel
  • with stable, closed oval handle for pulling with both hands
  • U-hook: round design


Further special hooks on request.

Ordering Information

LxBxH & Gewicht

Länge: 76 cm long
Ausführung: U-shaped with lifting claw
Materialstärke: 14 mm
Maße: 760 × 240 × 15 mm
Gewicht: 1.60

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