Hydrant Valve Key

Hydrant Valve Key

Hydrant Valve Key or Salbach key according to DIN 3223 C are used to actuate underground hydrants as well as slide valves and shut-off devices on mostly underground pipes.

The large T-handle has an inner square for valve spindles at the lower end. At the T-Handle is forged a tip with angle is forged, with whose help openIng street caps.


Technical data:

  • made of galvanized steel with forged tip for opening street caps
  • according to DIN3223 C
  • large operating keys for easy opening and closing of underground water valves
  • Square socket type C / 32 mm

Ordering Information

Product name
LxWxH & Mass

Maße: 1150 × 420 × 50 mm
Gewicht: 5.50