Haite – Sewer Inspection Software

Haite – Sewer Inspection Software

Whether inspection company, municipality, city or engineering office, thanks to the modular structure, the software can be adapted to your needs at any time. The software offers all functions, from condition recording, evaluation and remediation planning to the subsequent documentation, with regard to the administration and evaluation of the recorded data. Flexible, user-friendly and hardware-independent.


1. advantages at a glance

  • Standard-compliant TV inspection
  • Management of the entire sewer network
  • Simple operation
  • Hardware independent
  • Versatile measurement methods
  • Classification and evaluation
  • background plans
  • Support of all common data interfaces
  • Reference and history management
  • Management of counter-traffic


2. sewer inspection with K2000

The cycle of a common canal examination begins with the inspection of canals or shafts. The condition of the object is documented with the help of film shots, pictures, measurements and reports. After the inspection, the data is post-processed in the office, evaluated and then remediation planning is carried out. The result is passed on to the client and remediation measures are initiated. After the rehabilitation has been carried out, the sewer is inspected again at regular intervals.

K2000 covers all requirements of a complete sewer inspection and rehabilitation from a single source.


3. individually expandable

Due to the modular system structure, the basic equipment of the basic software K2000 can be extended with a multitude of additional modules and adapted to individual wishes and requirements.

Some extensions are also available as stand-alone compact programs that do not require a complete K2000 basic version:

  • GS2000 Compact Property Inspection
  • MS2000 Compact manhole Inspection
  • DP2000 Compact leak test


4. clear working with site plans

Background plans such as survey data and aerial photographs enable optimum orientation in the sewer network with the aid of the LP2000 site plan module. The background plans and the entire sewer network are displayed graphically on the screen. The cumbersome handling of segment plans becomes superfluous and thus accelerates the work for the user enormously. GPS can also be used for better navigation.


5. data exchange

All common standards and interfaces are supported for the smooth exchange of master, examination and geometry data with other systems. The following data transfers are possible:

  • License-free transfer of all data to the customer via the KS2000 visual program
  • Integration into a GIS system (see NS2000)
  • Transfer between K2000 programs
  • Import and export of master, examination and geometry data to external systems
  • Excel export
  • PDF reports


6. classification and evaluation

The damage classification and condition assessment can be used to carry out an automatic assessment of the inspection results of the sewer network. This can be used, for example, to easily determine the need for action for rehabilitation. Classification and evaluation are either standard or user-defined.


Expandable with

  • GS2000 property inspection
  • MS2000 Mobile manhole Inspection
  • S2000 Renovation documentation
  • SP2000 Flush planning
  • LP2000 site plan module
  • DP2000 leak test
  • KD2000 Continuous deformation measurement
  • KA2000 Channel handling
  • List, Mask and Catalog Generator
  • shark catalogue
  • measurement method
  • Damage catalogs and interfaces
  • Damage classification and condition assessment
  • Master data acquisition and administration
  • lateral camera inspection

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