Desktop control unit – Proteus

Proteus Tischbedienpult für Fahrzeugeinbauten mit 2 große Joysticks

Desktop control unit – Proteus

The Proteus desktop control unit was specially developed for transporter installation. These central control units consist of an ergonomically shaped VKU500 control panel and a 19″ VCU500 rack-mount housing. It controls and operates all Proteus components – the connected components are automatically recognised by the system. The trolley and camera are operated in a user-friendly manner using the large double joysticks. With the integrated data insertion device, damage descriptions or comments entered via the keyboard can be inserted into the video image.



The control unit enables control and communication of each connected component, records and informs you of all important system information such as speed, tilt, pressure and temperature.

  • Desktop control panel with integrated VKU500 keyboard and 2x 6-axis joysticks
  • 19″ slide-in rack-mount housing (2HE) VCU500
  • control unit takes over the complete control and operation of all connected Proteus components
  • compact and splash-proof (IP54) CCU208 control and documentation unit
  • incl. 10″ TFT monitor (1024×768) and 2 joysticks to control the camera and crawler functions
  • Li-ion battery operation (up to 6 h) and mains operation (110-230 VAC) incl. connection cable for 12VDC van power socket and power supply
  • data and distance display, watertight keyboard and intuitive hotkeys
  • menu-controlled MPEG4 video and JPEG photo capture to integrated 32 GB memory (upgradeable to 128 GB)
  • 3x digital zoom, light control, switchable locating transmitter (512 HZ / 640 Hz and 33 kHz)
  • easy, intuitive ProPipe reporting software to create detailed reports while on site
  • integrated WinCan module for catalogue inspections acc. to DWA M149 and ISYBAU2006, 2001 and 1996 for report generation as well as data output
  • (video, photo, PDF) is no office software necessary
  • the protocol is generated on the control unit after the inspection, the output is over USB stick or SD card



  • 2x USB2.0 for data transfer
  • RS232 for OSD control
  • 2x FBAS Video Out (BNC)
  • HDMI and VGA for connecting external monitors

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System: Proteus
Maße: 432 × 237 × 137 mm
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